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Knight Watch - HIPS Media

Superhero, Knight Watch saves the city from The Devil's Rose - a one minute film inspired by Marvel for my college HIPS project.


James Chance - Knight Watch

Faith Bethell - The Devil's Rose

Directed, written, shot, and edited by Charlotte Wakerley.

Big thanks to Gloucestershire College's media department.

Project Basterds - Gloscol

Inglorious Basterds (2009) final scene recreation.


Director - Jake Lamb

Producer - Charlotte Wakerley 

Assistant Director - Mel Overton

DOP - Luka Arpino

Cinematographer - Josh Hollyoake

Editor - Rhys Flewitt

Costume Designer - Oliver Dancer 

Big thanks to Gloucestershire College's media department.

Chance to Dance - HIPS Media

A teenage dancer struggling with ARFID must face challenges to follow her passion towards dancing on stage.


Charlotte Wakerley (Blake), Imogen Ward (Morgan), Faith Bethell (Ashley), Susannah Wakerley (Katie).


Directed, written and edited by Charlotte Wakerley.

Choreographed by Dakeney Fox Dance.

Big thanks to Gloscol, Christine Wakerley, Rebecca Wakerley, Matthew Wakerley, Oliver Dancer and Lydney Town Hall.

Dear Diary, Please Come Home - Charlotte Rose Media

It has been a year since Juliette’s sister has passed and she hasn’t been doing so well since that day, but she must learn how to be kind to herself.

Directed, written, shot and edited by Charlotte Wakerley.


Charlotte Wakerley - Juliette

Susannah Wakerley - Celeste

Lightning Before Thunder - BFI Academy

A short documentary about how "Fulton" the Ukrainian Football Club came together.


Eduard Khomiak, Daniil Diachuk, Nastia Kartashova, Illia Nazarok, Daniel Burt, Monte Cordeaux.


Directed by Nastia Kartashova, prodcued by Martha Redfern, sound by Charlotte Wakerley, Daniel Burt & Ilham Ahmed, cinematography by Fay Walsh, camera operating by Monte Cordeaux & Josh Matthew, edited by Charlotte Wakerley, mentored by Jo Barker.

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