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Photographs and video stills

My Work!

Behind the scenes

Short films

Knight Watch - HIPS Media

Knight Watch saves the city from a villain, The Devil's Rose.

Chance to Dance - HIPS Media

A girl struggling with ARFID has a dream of being a dancer.

Project Basterds - Gloucestershire College

Recreation of the final scene (Inglourious Basterds 2009).

Dear Diary, Please Come Home - Charlotte Rose Media

It has been a year since her sister's passing.

Music videos

Everybody Wants to Rule The World  - Gloucestershire College

Beauty and a Beat - Gloucestershire College


Friends For Life - Happy Foundations

A teenage boy finds his childhood teddy bear.

Art Department Promo Video - Gloucestershire College

Gloscol Arts Festival 2023 promotional video.


A Lottie Style - TrailerCharlotte Wakerley
00:00 / 00:43
A Lottie Style - Wear it or Tear it Charlotte Wakerley
00:00 / 18:28

My other portfolios

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